When Vacation Plans Change

Plans can change and will change whether you like it or not. The first change to our plans came at the airport as I arrived. Can you take an earlier flight? A storm is headed to Dallas, Texas and we need to get as many people to Dallas as possible. My travel companion was on her way. We agreed to take the earlier flight and notified the other 2 in our party. Everyone made it onto the earlier flight. When we arrived in Dallas we heard that our original flight had been cancelled. How lucky was that.

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Luxury Cruising in the South Pacific

Leaving from Sydney Harbour at dinner time can offer an extra element to your cruising experience. Seated in the Vista Dining
Room aboard the Holland America Line Oosterdam for a scrumpious meal you will have hardly a care in the world as you sail past the Sydney Opera House, the Sydney Bridge, beaches and beautiful seaside homes. The dining room staff will make sure that everything you need is at your fingertips. Starting your dining experience are the appetizers. Bay shrimp cocktail, seared scallops with bacon and an avocado sauce are just two of the choices. The second course is your choice of soup or salad. The prime rib is cooked to perfection and to your preference. The parsnips are tender and tasty. For someone who has never eaten parsnips it will make you a lifetime fan. Completing this main course is green beans and mashed potatoes with beef gravy. Prime rib is not the only thing on the menu. There is salmon, penne, and several vegetarian choices. Oh, and lets not forget the desserts. Devils food cake, raspberry Italian cheesecake ice cream, and vanilla ice cream are just a few of the items on the dessert menu. The Lido restaurant is not the only restaurant on the Oosterdam. Each restaurant and cafe has a special theme from formal to casual. The Exploration Cafe offers you a more casual atmosphere. The Pinnacle on Le Cirque night gives you the experience of luxury dining at it’s utmost best. There are 5 restaurants to choose from so every palette can be satisfied. In future posts, we will explore not only each restaurant but all the amenities of living aboard the HAL Oosterdam for 28 days in the South Pacific.

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Preparing for the Big Trip


Currently preparing for my 32-day trip to the South Pacific. Stay tuned to this page for stories and photos of my adventures along the way.  The fun starts on March 6, 2015 when I land in Sydney, Australia with my best friend and tour club owner, Karen H.   After a couple of days in Sydney, we will boarding the Holland America (hollandamerica.com) ship Oosterdam for 28-days of fun and adventure in New Caledonia, Vanuatu, Fiji, back to Australia, Tasmania and New Zealand. Nineteen locations.  The trip of a lifetime.  I will be posting as often as I can depending on internet availability.  I am hoping for at least every 3 days.  Come visit Tumble Along Tales (tumblealongtales.com) to take part in the fun and be sure to “Share” with your friends.

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