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Tumble Along Tales was originally created in 2013 to focus on travel for people who are 50 to 100+ years old.  We now focus on travel for people of all ages. In 2014, Tumble Along LLC was formed to incorporate Tumble Along Tales and Tumble Along Photography.
Our mission is to show everyone that travel is not just for the young but for the young at heart. We will be posting serious and humorous travel stories as we follow our travel writer, photographer, blogger,  Karen Padilla, around the world.  Read on for her story of how she became a travel lover.

I started traveling at a very young age.  My father had the travel bug. Every year during Christmas vacation he would take us to Florida, California or Arizona where it was warmer than in our natural habitat of Wisconsin.  At times, our trips were a lot like National Lampoon vacations but we always had fun. I would always write letters or postcards to friends and family at home about our adventures. Now that I am over 50, I have continued the tradition of travel that my father started.
My own adventures started when my husband-to-be moved to Ohio for his residency training and I went along as the navigator.  I didn’t tell him I had only had my license for 2 years and had never driven on a long distance trip before.  He had been in the United States for a year and  had only had his license for 6 months.  When we got  married  47 years ago we started our honeymoon with a cross-country road trip from Ohio to California to meet his relatives. (Now doesn’t that sound like fun.)  We had a blizzard the day of our wedding and it took 2 hours to shovel out the car the next day. The rest of that trip was memorable in a lot of ways.  When our children arrived, we included them in our adventures.  I occasionally took plane trips with the kids to visit their grandparents who spent the winters in Florida.  However, we really enjoyed the road trips.  I wanted our children to experience the wonders of travel as I had during my childhood.  Whether it was a day trip or a long cross-country road trip, we always had fun.  When we got lost we made it an adventure.  We got lost at least once on every trip.  I saw it as an opportunity to see new things.  I must say that to this day I am the only one in the family that can read an actual paper map.  GPS, Google Maps, Mapquest, AAA and any special app dealing with directions are our best friends. (Well, not my husband’s best friend).
On one trip to Florida, our 3-year-old daughter was chosen to be part of the bird show at Busch Gardens.  We were thrilled.  When we all went on the flume ride and she almost flew out of my arms – not so thrilled. Evidently it didn’t bother her at all.  She is now a zip lining, skydiving, swimming with sharks world traveler.  My son thinks going 8 miles over to Wisconsin is too far to travel.
My plans for retirement had always included traveling.  It almost didn’t happen for me.  I was diagnosed with Meniere’s Disease in February of 2013.  The headaches and dizziness were horrendous.  On March 8, I decided to retire from my dream nursing job.  Two weeks later I was in the ER with dehydration from Norovirus.  (No cruise involved.)  I was really thinking that retirement was not much fun.  In May, I strained my knee (the knee replacement one) on a photo shoot.  I did my PT and graduated the day before we left on an Alaskan trip.  The trip to Alaska was wonderful. I went up and down 79 steps at a resort with no problems.  The day after we got home I herniated a disc in my back while helping my blind dog up the steps.  This was when I really thought that retirement sucked.  It took almost 5 months to recover.  In April of 2014 my husband and I went on our first long road trip in many years.  We were gone for 17 days.  It turned out to be a renewal of our love for travel.  Now that I am a senior traveler and card-carrying AARP member, I am finding adventures all over the world.  I am a published travel writer, photographer, and blogger.
Please grab a beverage, get comfortable, read the blogs and enjoy the photographs. Leave a comment.  Come back often to enjoy new stories and photos.