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Occasionally I will find information that I feel my reader’s may want to know. Tips for packing, photo tips, a great hotel or restaurant or whatever seems to be an interesting item will be posted to this page.  Information on this page will change frequently so don’t forget to check for new items.

Other blogs to visit
travelationship.com   Now, offically Glinda and Maynard are not 50 and over but they have lots of good advice on travelling.  Follow Glinda and Maynard on their journeys around the globe while maintaining their relationship.  They take turns  giving information on each trip.  Glinda likes to write about the history and the sites, while Maynard gets down to the nitty gritty about transportation, money exchange, and navigation. Their photos are spectacular.
nomadicmatt.com   Excellent travel site for any person interested in how to travel on a budget. 
affordanything.com   Learn to save money so you can afford the things you really want.
pitchtravelwrite.com   A great resource for anyone interested in travel writing.  Written by Roy Stevenson who has had over 900 travel articles published since 2009. 
luggageandlipstick.com   Fun stories of adventure by an extremely courageous woman.  
 Cruise Lines
Holland America (hollandamerica.com)
Norwegian Cruise (ncl.com)
Travel Magazines
International Living  (internationalliving.com)  Resource for living well on a budget around the world.
Budget Travel (budgettravel.com)  In my mind this is the best travel magazine for everyone who wants to travel but don’t have a big budget to do it.
Travel & Leisure  (travelandleisure.com)
Travel Post Monthly (travelpostmonthly.com)  Travel stories by writers all over the world.
Vacation Rental Travels (vacationrentaltravels.com)  Looking for something different than the usual hotel. This magazine covers it all.  Want to rent a house, cabin, yurt?  You may find your perfect vacation rental in this unique magazine.
Condé Nasté